Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where did 2013 go?

June 2014:
Tthe years go by so quickly. Last blog update was over a year ago, and a year before that. I make a resolution to write more often, and then it's a year gone by! .  It's a great life when a year can pass and we've no time to write.. We are blessed with the best of both lives; living here in Rancho Carlsbad, and spending time traveling by RV and Ship and Planes.
But for now this is the LAST  BLOG entry. I need to find a better way to save my stories. thanks for watching and reading.
contact us when you can through, FB and e-mail and by phone. If your are our true friend, you know the numbers and addresses.   Come visit whenever you can.

Your friends. Sue and Ken

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Catching Up with the Paces

Kangaroos & Koala's from Down Under

It's been 1 year since my last post/update.  Where does the time go?  We spent the year doing mini trips so we could spend quality time at home here in Carlsbad. We don't want Ken's mom Julia to get too lonesome while we are gone. Short trips in and out have been fun, and it keeps us from getting "road itch", by keeping those RV wheels rolling in and out of town.

We had a fun cruise to Alaska. We didn't want to drive so far in the RV, so we did it the easy way and cruised. We enjoyed the sights, the weather, the food, and of course we geocached at every port. We went into the Red Dog Saloon as we needed to get a current menu for our friend Saundra who's father started the saloon back in the early 1900's. We visited museums, and took train rides up to where the gold rush happened. We didn't see any animals like we thought we would, but we read about and saw them in the many museums. Now Ken has been to all the states. Most by RV, but a few like Alaska, by stepping on land from a ship docking there.

We had our Thanksgiving in 2012 at Lake Mitry, AZ with our Boomer friends. (first time we missed it with our kids)  There were fewer RVs there this year, but we all had a good time. We had nightly fires and we did some star gazing with our iPads. The guys had a great fire built each evening and we never seemed to run out of stories to talk about.

Two of Ken's grandkids, James and Amanda,  came up to the lake to visit. Ken took them on a scary 4x4 ride to the top of the hill. They kept sliding back, so they got out and walked while Ken kept moving forward. James climbed even higher to the top of the sign marker.

The whole group went to the movies in town and out for Smash Burgers afterwards.

Thanksgiving Day we had several visitors come from Yuma, bringing food and drinks and chairs to join us in our Pot Luck Dinner.  We all had lots to eat and spent the afternoon chatting, eating pie with whipped cream and relaxing. We invited a couple from Europe who were parked nearby, and they brought a yummy dish from their recipe book and cooked it there on the table with a neat little burner.  They really enjoyed our company and said it was a highlight of their trip across America. They have taken their "homemade" RV all over the world, and had many exciting stories to tell about their adventures. We may never meet them again, but had fun sharing with them.

This year we had the Devane Family Christmas on Christmas day. It was at Sue's son Daniel and new daughter-in Law Shannon's home in Downey.  We all helped with food, and as usual enjoyed our gift exchange and Funny Gifts from MOM.

For New Years, 2013, we parked at the Rose Parade with other friends. We all had a fun time sitting around and waiting for the parade. We have been "teaching" our RV friends How to Park at the Rose Parade. It was fun seeing all of them come and have fun.

January as usual found us in Quartzsite AZ again with our Boomer friends. We all park about 6 miles from town, and caravan up in one area. This year we had about 165 rigs, which made about 300+ people for 2 weeks of fun.  We don't have hosts, but folks volunteer to put on discussion groups, pot lucks, games, crafts, hikes, 4x4 trips, trash runs, pancake breakfasts, chili cook-offs, auction for charity (CARE), and many more fun and interesting things during the 2 weeks. Sue put on a geocaching class, and as usual, it sparked a few people into the fun "sport" of caching. We went into town to the bookstore, to see Paul the Naked Bookman, went geocaching for caches that we hadn't found in years past, visited the RV tent vendors, found our WIN friends, Barbara, Ron, Brenda & Diana and had visits and lunch with them at Silly Al's Pizza place. We of course went to lunch for FREE at the RV lot, and to our favorite Mexican place Taco Mio. 

After 2 fun weeks with the Boomers, we moved about 3 miles to Dome Rock Rd. and rallied for 4 days with the Escapee Geocachers. We had about 100 people there who spent the time talking, learning, caching, (day and night), and teaching Geocaching. It was a big success and will happen again next year for our 4th annual Caching Rally.

February found us HOME in Carlsbad. Ken kept busy helping with his grandkids,  played tennis, pickleball, chatted with his men friends at McDonalds, ping pong, cards, and daily gym workouts. He loves being home in Carlsbad.
Sue kept busy with her volunteering at the Thrift Shop (for Battered Women), golf, tennis, pickleball, ping pong, and lots of time on her computer doing newsletters, keeping minutes of clubs, and membership lists updated, and notes sent to members.

Celebrating a little late, waiting from Feb. 5th to March 2nd, to get all her kids together (except John in AR.), Sue had a fun 70th birthday party. Patrick and Jacqueline presented her with a large "throw" with a picture from Daniel's wedding of all her kids! She loved that. Pickleball T-shirts, and lovely fragrant bath items, and a cake made her day. We all had a fun day in Rancho Carlsbad, playing 9 holes of golf, pickleball, and ping pong and swimming. Then a fun dinner out at a close by home style restaurant. with good food and a room to ourselves so we could make all the noise we wanted. Ken's daughter Susan and granddaughter Sarah joined us along with Ken's mom Julia. (16 altogether).

In March we took our cruise to Australia & New Zealand, which Julia gave us for Christmas. We were gone for 3 weeks and had a wonderful time. Sue is now a full fledged "Pace" as she can go "standby" for any flight. Getting there was great, but it took 4 days to get a flight home. Oh well, getting stranded in Australia wasn't that bad. We just did a few extra things each day after finding out we "didn't get on the plane".  We were way down on the standby list each day, and that's why it took us longer to get home. Now Sue can cross a few things off her bucket list. Hugging a Kangaroo, and petting a Koala.

April was spent helping in Morgan Hill with Sue's Aunt Audrey. She is 94 and failing in health. Having some time to be with her was good for both Audrey and Sue. She has been a perfect Aunt for me, and I will miss her a lot when Jesus comes to take her Home.

And looking ahead, May will be having fun in Carlsbad, and June we will be on the road again to Livingston Texas to volunteer again at CARE.  It will be hot then, but they have air conditioning inside and we will have hook ups while in the RV. We will help with activities, cooking, driving people to Dr's appts. , and to Walmart. CARE is our RV Club's Assist. Living Center. It is run by mostly donations, and volunteers.

For now, that's all. Hope it isn't another year before I get back to "BLOGGING".

Friday, April 27, 2012

Catching Up with Ken and Sue

It's been awhile since I have blogged. They were going to "destroy" my site if I didn't get back on. So I am here, and will catch you up on our happenings.
SHORT TRAVELS,  TENNIS, GOLF, PICKLEBALL,PING PONG,  and VOLUNTEERING, and GRANDKID SITTING, along with helping Julia out around the home with SHOPPING, CHORES, and RELAXING in the POOL and JACUZZI.     I'd say we have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

I'll post a few recent pictures of our activities.
Preparing for Dust Storm
Ken went without Sue in 2011. He had some visitors who paid "rent" to have an RV to use. It paid for his gas there. But these visitors were not RVers, and they ran him out of WATER in less than 3 days. Water is the golden commodity at BMan. so he had to resort to no showers for rest of trip, and used up his bottled water supply for drinking and cooking. Now he sure wished Sue had been with him. She knows how to conserve!  Sure hope we can find an extra ticket this year.
50,000 vehicles follow the trail into Burning Man. It's takes a good 12 hrs to get them all in. Once in, they do not drive around. Only ART CARS are allowed to move about the PLAYA.  

2011 Art Exhibit at Burning Man
This is the ART structure that Ken worked on during the year. they trucked it off to Burning Man and on Thursday night it was burned to the ground with ceremony.  He is already working on a lovely carissal  for 2012 event. He has his ticket, but Sue didn't get picked from the lottery of tickets. Ken may be going alone again this year. this lottery business isn't working so well for couples who want to go together.

Sue has been busy playing golf and tennis and Pickleball.  After a bad fall during a tennis tournament, she has slowed down with her tennis games and is playing more Pickleball instead.  Less running, and less chances of falling down.  Sue's golf game is getting better since the course has become a par 3. It's not a big challenge like the huge courses, but it's a fun short game.  Sue gets more exercise with Ping Pong along with walking around the park. Although it's hard to keep walking as it's fun to stop and visit the neighbors who are also out and about.
 Sue sometimes gets out her hula hoop and does a few rounds for fun mostly, although it's good exercise too.    Below is the serve "before the fall".  my opponent hit my serve back, and in my determination to return it, I had to back up to reach it, and I stumbled over my own feet , fell backward in a heap, and rebounded with my head hitting the cement. I had to be guided off the court, put on bench with ice pack, and later in the day visited the ER for possible concussion. It really scared me, and now I am double careful not to try too hard to return those errant returns.

My fun shoes help me play better! 

 Pretty fancy golf shoes were a gift from my son Patrick. He has enhanced my chances to do well by providing me with fun shoes.
Kayaking out of Sausalito Bay. Going after a Geocache that could only be reached by water. 
BELOW are some of our Pickleball players. We are just getting it started here at Rancho Carlsbad. Most have a learning curve, but we have several players that are good enough to tutor them into becoming better players. Everyone is having a good time learning.  

Playing games is fun, but we do spend our time in other hobbies.  Ken is a docent at Leo Carrillo and gives folks tours of the property that includes museum of LC, and has adobe homes, bat filled barns, and yards filled with peacocks.  Ken gives 4 graders tours every year, and senior tours on weekends.  He has learned all the history of Leo Carrillo and can give a great running rendition of it's history.  Sue volunteers at the local Woman's Resource Center, for battered women.  The Thrift shop is her favorite to spend her volunteer hours in.  She has now recruited her BOOMER friend Gretchen 2, into working/volunteering there too. Sorting the donations, tagging them with prices and getting them out on the shelves for sale is fun. We see some most unusual items come in the back door, and sell from the front. Some days the items aren't on the shelves more than an hour before they are sold, bagged and out the front door.  It's for a good cause and it's fun to participate in the volunteering there. 

Our RV trips so far in 2012 have been short ones.  We of course went to our favorite Quartzsite in Jan. and spent 2 weeks with the BOOMERS our in "Boomerville", and then a week out on Pulmosa Rd, Quartzsite with the SKP Geocachers.  In Feb. we attended the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma AZ. It's always a fun 5 day rally. In April, we went to LODI, CA to spend 5 days at WARE a western area chapter rally for the Escapee RV Club.  It was a first time rally and hopefully won't be the last. Everyone had a good time.

Ken spent about 5 days after Lodi, up in Sausalito taking care of granddaughter Talia. The two had a great time together, as it's always a highlight of Ken's day when he can spend time with her. 

So, time is special for the PACES, and we love every aspect of our lives. We are blessed and we value this.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talia week 5

Well, we are still going, and going, and going, just like the energizer bunny. Hop, hop, hop,  we go from place to place to keep a 2 year old and a “senior” bunny hopping , happy!  Oh dear, grandma rabbit is wearing down, and wearing out. Her batteries need changing. Well, week 6 will take care of that. grandma and papa bunny are taking a CRUISE!   hurray for us!  a week to rest, (maybe) and relax and get ready for re-charging for our last 6 weeks when we return next Sunday

But we kept busy up till the last day. here are some pictures of our week. in and out of the apt. Grandma Bunny flopped out Thurs and Friday and stayed in her “den”, but that didn’t keep Papa bunny from having more fun.

Here are some past pictures that I forgot to show you. some are from the Zoo. and from Epcot Center where we had a good time.

We were so busy and some of the places we went into, had no photo rule. But it was a fun and busy day. Ken went on all the wild ride adventures and I waited for him as I was still having vertigo. I enjoyed the outdoors and watching all the people.

So are you wondering where we are going for our “vacation week”?  Ken booked 7 day cruise out of Tampa to Belize, Gran Caymans, Cozumel and Honduras. We bought new snorkels and masks as we didn’t want to rent them uses. Stay tuned for more after April 17th.  SEE YA THEN. KEN AND SUE